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Current group members


Mr. Felix Thompson MSci., PhD student 2019-now, research area: Experimental and computational study of the electronic structure of self-assembled materials.

Mr. Xinyu Li, MSc Materials for Energy & Environment student 2021/22.

Ms. Qinzi Tang, MSc Materials for Energy & Environment student 2021/22.

Former group members

Dr. Andrew Prentice, Postdoc 2019-2021.

Mr. Ben Saunders, postgraduate research assistant 2021-2021, currently a PhD student at Warwick University..

Dr. Isabelle Heath-Apostolopoulos, PhD student 2017-2021, research area: Predicting the electronic and optical properties of materials using advanced electronic structure methods.

Ms. Qiqi Wang, MSci Chemistry student 2020/21.

Dr. Michal Kochman, Postdoc 2019-2020.

Dr. Sussane Escher., PhD student 2015-2020, research area: structure prediction for alkaline earth oxide nanoclusters, jointly supervised with Dr. Scott Woodley.

Mr. Daniel Sykes, MSci. Chemistry student 2019/20.

Mr. Ben Saunders, MSc. Chemical Research student 2019/20.

Ms. Shiyao Zhao, MSc. Molecular Modelling 2019/20.

Mr. Minliang Huang, MSc. Molecular Modelling 2019/20.

Dr. Liam Wilbraham, Postdoc 2017-2019, currently a research scientist at exscientia.ai.

Ms. Orla O'Keeffe, MSci. Chemistry student 2018/19, jointly supervised with Prof. Claire Carmalt.

Ms. Denisa Smajli, MSci. Chemistry student 2018/19.

Ms. Minzhi Wang, Molecular Modelling MSc. student 2018/2019.

Mr. Calvin Yiu, Molecular Modelling MSc. student 2018/2019.

Mr. Jun Gong, Materials for Energy and Environment MSc. student 2018/19.

Mr. Morounfulu Kuti, Materials for Energy and Environment MSc. student 2017/18.

Mr. Diego Vargo Ortiz, summer student 2018, sponsored by the centre for doctoral training in the theory and simulation of materials, jointly supervised with Dr. Kim Jelfs

Mr. Yuan Lei, Materials for Energy and Environment MSc. student 2016/17.


Dr. Andriano Monti, Postdoc 2017, moved to the European Patent Office, Munich Germany.


Mr. Rafiq Hilali, MSci. Chemistry student 2016/17.


Dr. Pierre Guiglion, PhD. student 2012-2017, Thesis title: Modelling the photochemical properties of conjugated oligomers; understanding their application as photocatalysts, independent tutor, France.


Dr. Milena Wobbe, PhD. student 2011-2016, Thesis title: Computational insights into excited state properties of MgO and other nanoparticles with the rocksalt structure, moved to Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.


Ms. Maryum Ali, MSci. chemistry student 2015/16.


Ms. Xiaoyu Chen, Molecular Modelling MSc. student 2015/2016.


Dr. Enrico Berardo, PhD. student 2012-2015, Thesis title: Modelling the Excited State Properties of TiO2 Nanoparticles, moved to Imperial College London, London, UK.


Dr. Cristina Butchosa, Postdoc 2012-2014, moved to Nylstar SL, Blanes, Spain.


Mr. Suresh Rajamanickam, MSci. chemistry student 2013/14.

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